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Canoe and Kayak Hire

DSCF0242With a large fleet of canoes and kayaks to cater for up to 80 people on the water at once you are bound to find a boat you like!

Our canoes and kayaks are made by P&H, Pyranha Kayaks, Venture Canoes, Old Town Canoes, and Necky Double Sea Kayaks.

Canoe & Kayak Hire

Any Open Boat/Double Sea Kayaks/Single Sea Kayak for hire on any of the many great canoe trails to enjoy around Northern Ireland, suitable for all abilities. If for hire on the Sea a guide will be required or individuals will need to prove they have the experience, skill level and knowledge.

Hire From £20pp per 2 hour session at Shaw’s Bridge, Belfast
Canoe Trails from £45 per day

Hire cost includes Buoyancy Aids, Paddles, Trail Guide / Map and a member of staff with some quick tips and coaching if required before you set off.
To reserve the boats and for a “NON REFUNDABLE PART PAYMENT” we would require full payment and may ask for a photo copy of a valid driving license or passport along with a Visa Card.
Originals may also need to be viewed and held whilst you are away.
Each person will need to complete an Mobile Team Adventure Medical Disclaimer/Hire Form which will be sent out on receipt of payment.

Please Note:

Minimum of 2 adults.

All equipment must be returned at the agreed time and in the condition that it was hired.
Every possible precaution must be taken to avoid damage or lose of equipment. Any lose or damage must be paid for.
Anyone hiring equipment does so at their own risk and must realise their own ability and experience.
Shooting of weirs or rapids is NOT permitted.
We will reserve the canoe/kayak hire for 7 days whilst waiting for a “NON REFUNDABLE PART PAYMENT”.

If you’re a novice, don’t worry! We’ll only be too pleased to give you information on where you are planning to go, safety advice and tips. We want your trip to be as enjoyable as possible. We can also provide you with a guide; someone to look after you all the way.
If you’re not sure where to go, then we can advise you on the hotspots of the country! Contact us

Health and Safety Registration ~Medical Disclaimer Form

Canoe~Kayak Hire Terms & Conditions

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