Abseiling Northern Ireland
If walking backwards off a rock face doesn’t quite appeal to you, then challenge yourself! You’ll be surprised how much you enjoy it, and you’ll feel a great sense of pride and achievement. Imagine standing at the top of a cliff at the Giant’s Causeway, the sound of the waves beneath you, your cheering team mates in front of you, and blue skies above you, as you are about to do something you’ve never done before.

This activity is a great opportunity to overcome fears, encourage team support, and really get the adrenalin going, so give it a go!

How about a charity abseil?
This is a great way to raise money for a cause of your choice, as well as increase team support and raise your adrenalin levels!

Tailor made to suit your requirements; we will provide all the staff and equipment needed to give you a magic and memorable day, along with a certificate to prove that you did it and a CD of photos for the event organiser.

Example: Charity Abseil from Dromore Viaduct, Northern Ireland

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